Friday, January 7, 2011

One Semester Down... How Many More to Go?

2011 is here! It's coming has signaled the end of several things, and the beginning of many more things to come.

I successfully completed my first semester of graduate school. I was really nervous and overwhelmed a lot of the time, but I did it. I wrote my first graduate papers, including an imaginary research study proposal and methodology, gave my first presentations on the graduate level, and successfully participated in, and completed 3 graduate-level courses, with excellent grades to boot!

I'm hoping my next semester will be a little less stressful, as I will not be taking 3 core curriculum courses in tandem, and I'll be taking several courses that I find really interesting, including Library Materials for Children and Web Publishing. I feel as a librarian it is very important to be up to date on all of the current technology, and I am sorely lacking in my knowledge when it comes to technology. I think being able to create and update my own website, other than a basic blog, will be a very useful skill to have. I also need to take the time to learn about RSS feed (a dinosaur in the grand scheme of technology and its current history), podcasts, and other technology-related things that I know little to nothing about.

I keep receiving emails about available library positions, several of which are in Alaska, Montana, and California. It makes my mind and heart race to think about the job I will have one day. Who knows where librarianship might take me?